October 23, 2019


Beads is back!

The occasional Holy Rosary parish publication initiated in 1983 returns in electronic form in keeping with the digital age. It also saves parish funds as it avoids all the printing costs associated with the hardcopy magazine format of yesteryear.

Now, it is in a blog format and you should email your contributions to: beadsnedlands@gmail.com

But while Beads is open to contributions from all, there are some guidelines about content.

The most important of these is to be respectful of others who use this site

Content Guidelines

  • Material of interest and relevant to Holy Rosary parishioners and the Catholic Church
  • Stories can be historical or current or projected
  • Valedictories
  • Promote parish activities and those of interest to the Catholic community
  • Language which is respectful towards all readers
  • Author needs to be identified

Content excluded

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  • Material which is libellous, condoning illegal activity or contempt of court
  • Personal information unless relevant
  • Commercial endorsement or promotion of products, services.



The Archdiocese of Perth is seeking a People and Culture expert. The appointee will provide personnel and IR advice, develop streamlined systems, policies and best practice People and Culture initiatives to achieve set organisational strategic goals. The role focuses on personnel operations, compliance, talent management and learning and development with a strong focus on culture and engagement as well as workplace safety. The successful applicant will have 10+ years experience in personnel/HR together with an understanding of employment law, IR, fair work practices and EBA interpretation. For info:

https://www.seek.com.au/job/56044476.  or General Manager – marvinHR, saarrah@marvinhr.com  or  6377 7607.


Caritas Australia welcomes state support for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

Caritas Australia highlights the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and hails state efforts in providing funds to support Ukrainians amid the crisis caused by the war.

In the face of the deepening crisis which trails the war in Ukraine, the Australian government has committed to funding $35 million in humanitarian support to international organizations assisting Ukrainians with shelter, food, water, and medical care.

Welcoming the development, Caritas Australia CEO Kirsty Robertson highlights that “this humanitarian aid is desperately needed in Ukraine right now.”

She said, “Over half a million people have already been forced to flee their homes, and this number could balloon into three or even five million in the coming weeks as more villages, towns, and cities are victims of air raids and attacks.”

Another 100,000 people, she added, “are displaced inside Ukraine as well – and all in below-freezing winter conditions.”


2021 -2023

For A Synodal Church


Hundreds of groups and individuals across the country have shared their stories about how all members of the Catholic Church can walk together to carry out our mission as Christians. Have you? The local consultation process for the global Synod on Synodality is open for two more weeks – until February 27. Join with family, friends, parishioners or participate yourself. Find out more at:



Listening to the Cry of the Earth and the Cry  of the Poor:

A Consideration of Laudato Si 

When: Thursdays 17 – 24 February, 9:30am – 11:30am

Suggested Cost: Free of Charge (2 sessions)

Presenter: Mrs Carol Mitchell (Director – Justice, Ecology and Development Office, JEDO) 

Location: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)


Mission  Opportunities   Overseas

Palms Australia – Supporting Sustainable International Development Love 

Getting involved in people centred Human Development as an invited guest means humbly putting your person and your skills at the disposal of your trusted hosts. You will be a stranger in the place and for six months a Pilgrim learning the wisdom of local ways.  

Palms Australia has 60 years of experience preparing and assisting Australians to learn and pass on their skills in another culture.  Is one of our assignments your opportunity to Reach Beyond? 

Find Out More:Enquire Here  or Phone: 0422 742 567.  Join our online forum at 5.30pm AEDT on Thursday 17 March, attend and engage with a panel of Palms most experienced Program Participants.


Next Weekend – Eucharistic Conference – Mt Hawthorn – Sat  11 December


There is no cost to attend the conference, but please bring your own lunch. All welcome.





Monday 8:15 am and Tuesday 6pm    Your first session is FREE during November at Parish Community Centre.  Yoga promotes your mental and physical wellbeing. Further information: 0423 779 771.



There is a range of activities  conducted every week at the Holy Rosary Parish Community Centre and they’re open to all.

You’ll find Line Dancing or Yoga or Dance Classes for Adults,  Ballroom Dancing or Dance Classes for Kids and Guitar classes if you’re musically minded.  So, there’s much to appeal.  The pictures below illustrate some of the programs. On this website, check out the weekly schedule of Parish Centre activities via the VIEW HRCC Calendar button on the  Holy Rosary Community Centre page. Then come along and join in. It’s that easy.

Tripping the light fantastic.

Is it line dancing or boot scootin’ or Texas line dancing? Come along and find out on Tuesdays.



The 90th anniversary of Holy Rosary Church and Parish was celebrated at the 6pm Vigil Mass with Principal Celebrant Emeritus Bishop Justin Bianchini on Saturday 9 October followed by a dinner in the Parish Centre. A congregation of 200+ attended the Mass and it was a full house for the celebratory dinner afterwards which proved to be a joyful reunion of past and present parishioners. The anniversary, with great contributions from the choir and youth group, was a successful and memorable celebration adding to the valuable history of Holy Rosary Parish. Below are some images from the Mass and the dinner.





90th Anniversary of the Church and Parish 



The Nedlands Parish community began in 1918 but at that time it was part of St Joseph’s Parish Subiaco with mass celebrated in Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s home in Cook Street, Nedlands for the first 3 years, then in 1922 a Wooden Church was purchased on corner of Edward Street and Broadway. The present Church was built and blessed in the year 1930, but it was only in 1931 that the Holy Rosary Parish was separated from Subiaco Parish and became the new Nedlands Parish.


At this stage the Church had a financial debt so the Church could not be Dedicated (or Consecrated) because of the pre-Vatican II regulations, further, it was found that the Church was too small for the growing congregation so an extension was built in 1936 resulting in even more debt. During this time, Pontifical Masses and various Blessings were celebrated within the Church but a Dedication Mass was not possible under the prevailing Pre-Vatican II regulations.


Bishop Peter Quinn was appointed Parish Priest of Nedlands on the  1st September 1969. In August 1971 renovations were carried out to the Sanctuary of the Church to comply with the new liturgical reforms of Vatican II, in particular that the Celebrant at Mass would now face the congregation, which meant a repositioning of the main Altar.


When the work was completed Bishop Quinn Solemnly Consecrated the Holy Rosary Church on 7th October 1971 on the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary. This date celebrated 40 years of the Parish (1931) and also the 400th Anniversary of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (1571).


The Archdiocese Record Newspaper reported that the Church “was packed every day” leading up to the Dedication Mass on Thursday 7th October 1971. After the Mass there was a small social get-together for visiting clergy, religious, parish councillors and choir members, and following this, on Friday evening,  250 people attended the parish dinner and dance at Dalkeith Hall.


The Dedication of a Church is a Solemnity that is a Feast of the Lord, so it would be appropriate to celebrate the Dedication Anniversary every year. The Dedication Anniversary Mass can also be celebrated on the first weekend, so Saturday 9th October 2021 at the 6pm Mass has been earmarked to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Parish and the Church with a celebration in the Parish Community Centre after the Mass.


We are privileged to have Bishop Justin Bianchini as the principal celebrant for this Dedication Anniversary Mass.


RSVP: Parishioners are requested to place their names on the GUEST LIST at the back of the church. All Welcome.  Also, please include on the form any dishes and drinks you can bring to the dinner.

God Bless, Fr Gavin.





Stormy weather and  a rainy Saturday morning did not deter some 60 parishioners from attending the recent Mass at Carmelite Monastery to celebrate the contribution of Acolytes and Extraordinary Ministers as well as three years of Eucharistic Adoration at Holy Rosary.  Following the  mass, concelebrated by former Holy Rosary Parish Priest Bishop Justin Bianchini and Fr. Gavin, guests enjoyed  a light breakfast in the Carmelite  parlour. Among the congregation was a number of former acolytes and extraordinary Ministers who had given long service at Holy Rosary and Carmel as well as adorers from the Holy Rosary Adoration roster.

John and Gillian Italiano  together with Shirley Medcalf and Simon Ching were among 60 parishioners at the special Mass.

Former Holy Rosary Parish Priest Bishop Justin Bianchini (centre) with some of the 60-strong congregation who attended the special Mass at the Carmelite Monastery.





Churches I’ve Visited

The unprepossessing exterior of St Mary’s in Mulberry St, Manchester UK, hides a real gem inside.

The Hidden Gem – Manchester, UK

It’s a given that we expect most Catholic churches to be named for saints, so finding one called The Hidden Gem is really unexpected.

But it’s a fact. On Mulberry street in the heart of Manchester UK’s business district – just a stone’s throw from the town hall – stands the red-brick Hidden Gem, or less commonly known as St Mary’s. The church is Manchester’s oldest surviving Catholic place of worship.

Since the original construction in 1794 when the city’s population was only about 60,000, The Hidden Gem has been open for worship first to the locals and then to the waves of Irish immigrants arriving to work in the city’s mills and factories of the industrial revolution.

It was reportedly the first Catholic church built in the 250 years following King Henry VIII’s reformation of the 1530’s and ensuing persecution of Catholics.

While there was a re-build in 1848, the church has now served the city for nearly 230 years.

Fashioned from unremarkable Victorian red brick and wedged into a typical Mancunian terrace, the church could easily be mistaken for a Victorian factory or mission building. Once through the elaborate entrance door that punctuates the uniform frontage of the building, you are greeted by the exceptional interior of the church.

Having on a number of occasions visited Manchester and gone to Mass at The Hidden Gem, I was really taken by the ornate interior, big marble altar and life-size statues of saintly figures. It’s a central city church in an age when congregations have moved to suburbia.

But on Sunday mornings, it ministers to its core of locals and to visitors and travellers such as me. When I’ve been there, the Parish Priest has given sermons refreshingly robust, socially relevant and challenging of the times. Then, afterwards if you take a narrow staircase you can have a morning tea with the locals in an upstairs communal area. Great to chat and learn – not surprisingly – that the issues at play for The Hidden Gem and Catholicism in Manchester are not all that much different to those at home.  So, if at any time you’re a visitor to Manchester, search out this gem.



Mass for retired Acolytes of our Parish and Carmelite Monastery,

and to celebrate three years of Eucharistic Adoration.

Bishop Justin Bianchini will concelebrate Mass with Fr. Gavin at the Carmelite monastery, 7:30am on Saturday 31 July for this double celebration (followed by the usual Saturday morning Rosary for those who wish to attend.)

Acolytes and Parishioners are warmly invited to a light breakfast after Mass in the Carmelite grounds (or in the parlour, if it’s raining).



How The Jesuits Described The End of Their Ministry at Holy Rosary


The exact date of withdrawal is yet to be finalised, and could be as late as February 2018.

The Provincial, Fr Brian McCoy SJ, has advised the parishioners at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands, WA, that the Jesuits will be concluding their ministry there at the end of the year.

‘Over the past week I have visited and met with the Jesuits in Perth, with Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton, and with members of the parish’s Pastoral, Finance and Liturgy Committees’, Fr McCoy said in announcing the decision to the Province at large.

‘I then spoke at each of the weekend parish Masses and announced our withdrawal. I also thanked the people of Holy Rosary Parish for their gracious and generous support of the Jesuits over the past ten years.

‘And of course I thanked Joseph Sobb as Superior and Parish Priest, for his years of leadership and service, along with the other Jesuits who are currently living and assisting in the parish — John Prendiville and our Jesuit doctoral student, Hari Suparwito, from Indonesia.’

Some years ago, then-Provincial Fr Steve Curtin SJ indicated to the Archbishop of Perth that the Province hoped to sustain a commitment there for at least 10 years, but were unlikely to be able to provide a Parish Priest once Fr Sobb finished there.

‘I am grateful to Fr Sobb and his predecessors, Frs Gregory Jacobs SJ and Theo Overberg SJ, that we have been able to remain there for 10 years’, said Fr McCoy. ‘But now, as part of our planning for the future, and with our need to rationalise our parish commitments, I have decided we will not replace Fr Sobb as Parish Priest.’

The Province has been involved in the life of the Archdiocese of Perth for nearly 80 years: from the opening of St Louis School Claremont in 1938, St Joseph Pignatelli Parish in Attadale in 1954, and St Thomas More University College in 1955, to assuming responsibility for Holy Rosary Parish in 2008.

‘We have been richly blessed in all these ministries’, said Fr McCoy.

The exact date of the withdrawal is yet to be finalised, and could be as late as February 2018. ‘Over the coming months we will look at how Jesuit and Ignatian connections might continue in Perth’, said Fr McCoy. ‘I hope we can continue to do that with John XXIII College, and in other, perhaps new, ways as well.

‘Please pray for the Holy Rosary parishioners and for Joseph, John and Hari as this decision is implemented over the coming months.’

Homily by Fr Brian McCoy SJ at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands,                    17 and 18 June 2017

Let me begin by acknowledging the ancient land that we gather upon for our sacred worship.

Our Eucharist, as Pope Francis reminds us, is itself an act of cosmic love. Wherever it is celebrated it is always in some way celebrated on the altar of the world. Where better than upon this rich and beautiful land along the Swan River that the Nyungar people cared for over many generations?

Let me also acknowledge you, the Catholic community of Holy Rosary Parish, established some 86 years ago, and your care of the Jesuits who have lived and served here since 2008.

My predecessor as Provincial, Steve Curtin, once expressed to the Archbishop of Perth his hope that Jesuits from our Province, despite aging and dwindling numbers, might sustain a presence in this parish for ten years. I am grateful to the present parish priest, Joseph Sobb, and his predecessors, Gregory Jacobs and Theo Overberg, that this has proved possible.

However, as you may by now appreciate, we Jesuits, sadly, will conclude our ministry in this parish at the end of the year. This is one of a number of difficult decisions we are having to make. Already this year, a few months ago, I have visited St Ignatius’ parish in Brisbane, where they have just celebrated 100 years of Jesuit presence, and made the sad announcement that the Jesuits will conclude their ministry there at the end of this year.

The major reason for these difficult decisions to withdraw from some ministries is the reality of our declining numbers and our aging, which do not allow us to maintain our many current commitments. There are currently 124 men in the Australian Jesuit Province — 70 per cent are over the age of 60, and nearly one quarter over the age of 80. In our nine Jesuit parishes, in five Australian States, we currently have 17 men, 24 per cent over the age of 80, only one under 50. An average age of 71.

We currently have 29 ministries within Australia to which we are committed. But that is not the whole of our commitments because we are an international religious order, working across borders in a universal mission. At the moment we have more than 10 per cent of our men supporting our ministries in areas of great need, including East Asia and Pakistan, and in international ministries of the Society like Jesuit Refugee Service.

I recognised early in my time as Provincial that this reality of our diminishing numbers and our aging meant that I would need to make some difficult decisions about our Jesuit commitments across our ministries. In relation to our parishes in particular, I saw that we simply do not have enough men to take up the role of parish priests for all nine of our parishes. So two years ago, I established a Province Parish Task Force, consisting mostly of lay people. Their task was to grapple with these realities. They have had a very challenging task to arrive at recommendations to put to me for decision as Provincial, and I am very grateful for their courage and advice.

As you may know, our Australian Province has been involved in the life of the Archdiocese of Perth for nearly 80 years: from the opening of St Louis School Claremont in 1938, St Joseph Pignatelli Parish in Attadale in 1954, St Thomas More University College in 1955 and then to coming here to Holy Rosary Parish in 2008. We have been richly blessed in all those ministries.

However, for a variety of different reasons, we have had to move on from each of those ministries. St Louis School ceased to be a Jesuit School when it amalgamated with Loreto College in early 1977 to form John XXIII College. We left the Parish of St Joseph Pignatelli in 1973, and handed over the leadership of the St Thomas More College in 1999. Thankfully, we were able to maintain a chaplain at John XXIII College for many years, and it continues to be part of our Companion School network, as well as continuing its Loreto connections. We hold many grace-filled memories of the ministries we have shared here in Perth and of the people who have touched our lives and been part of our story.

This weekend we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ. Apart from many churches and church schools, the name Corpus Christi has been given to many other entities — a city in Texas, several navy ships, and even a greyhound track.

One community, named Corpus Christi, is in Greenvale, Melbourne, a residence for homeless men established some 43 years ago by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, later involving Jesuits and the Sisters of Mercy. In many ways, this community, at the heart of which are the homeless men themselves, points to the heart and meaning of the feast day we celebrate today.

We have just heard in the second reading, St Paul saying to the Corinthians: ‘The blessing-cup that we bless is a communion with the blood of Christ, and the bread that we break is a communion with the body of Christ. The fact that there is only one loaf means that, though there are many of us, we form a single body because we all have a share in this one loaf.’

We know, and can experience in many ways and in different times, our unity in Christ. When we come to receive communion we share in the one loaf and cup of Christ. We are many, we are different, we are young and old, but we believe and know we are called to celebrate and live as one in Christ.

Sometimes as members of Christ’s body, we can feel that unity tested in our own personal and Church brokenness. We can feel our human and Christian body as broken, life and blood being poured out, such as in the recent housing fire in London, the many places of violence in our world, the findings of the Royal Commission. We know what it is to be human, to live but also be broken.

Pope Francis encourages us when he says: ‘The Eucharist, although it is the fullness of sacramental life, is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.’ Our weakness draws us into that mystery of Jesus, our suffering, brokenness and being crucified into seeking to be held, healed and nourished with and by him.

The Eucharist does not promise a quick meal and an easy ride. It promises us life in and with Christ, where his blood is poured out and body broken. It also promises new life and hope in our companionship with Him.

There is, in our leaving this parish, and our long Jesuit associations in Perth, a dying, a sadness and brokenness. It is also an act of hope in this body of Christ, for this parish here in Nedlands and for ourselves, and in what Christ calls you and us to be.

Does this mean we Jesuits simply leave at the end of this year, with no ongoing Jesuit connections here in Perth? I hope not. One thing we are committed to doing over the coming months is to see how Jesuit and Ignatian connections may continue in some way in this Archdiocese and be further strengthened. I hope we can continue to do that with John XXIII College but also in other and new ways as well.

Let me finish by personally thanking Joseph as parish priest for his years of leadership and service, along with John Prendiville and our academic Jesuit from Indonesia, Hari Suparwito.

I thank you, the people of the parish for your gracious and generous support of Jesuits over the past ten years — particularly the members of the Pastoral, Finance and Liturgy committees.

May this feast of Corpus Christi encourage us all to know and live in hope as the Body of Christ.



This is your opportunity to help out with essential Parish maintenance. Come along to our Working Bee on Saturday 29 May 29 from10am to noon. We have bagged rubbish for the Council Verge pickup on Monday 1 June. You can help create the biggest pickup in the street.

Age limit 15 to 85 years. No travel permit required.

George Schaefer

jogfg@bigpond.com           08 93861695        0400768368



Corpus Christi Solemnity

Sunday 6 June

We will have Eucharistic Adoration in Holy Rosary Church all day following the morning Mass commencing at 10.15 am.

Please consider joining us in honouring Jesus’ gift of His Body and Blood by paying Him a visit, or choosing a holy hour on our Roster.

(Call Juliana 0423 864 054)



Last year Vinnies Holy Rosary supported an initiative by one of our Indian “twin” conferences to purchase and donate six sewing machines to families in Gujarat.

The machines were gratefully received.

Your generosity and continued support of our efforts has enabled six families to establish micro-businesses and attain a degree of financial security.



Below is a schedule of upcoming Safeguarding training opportunities

This training provides:

1) an overview of abuse and neglect

2) an overview of Safeguarding policies and procedures

3) an overview of the Parish safeguarding officer role, and

4) responding to relevant Parish concerns.







Elizabetta’s Free Day on Sunday 11 April to introduce her Dancing Notes Classes meant fun for all.

The carpark was full and the hall was throbbing for two-hour event

It was a great response from children and parents.


Some of the crowd at the Open Day.



The new hours are 9 am-10 pm every Tuesday in Holy Rosary Church.

We have a great team of adorers …all are welcome to visit Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament.

“Taunts have broken My Heart …. I looked in vain for compassion, for consolers: not one could I find.” (Psalm 69:20 Wed Holy Week)





Ray Gordon readies for another church music and hymn selection for Sunday Mass.

Long-term Holy Rosary parishioner Ray Gordon shares his extensive CD collection of hymns and sacred music with Sunday’s  8.45am  Mass congregation on a regular basis.  Whenever there is no  live choir Ray  fills the breach with a  varied selection of traditional church music and hymns.  If you have any favourites, then  give  Ray your request as he’ll probably have what you want in his seriously large CD collection.




The Kado family in the form of their own choir have brought their singing and musical talents to Holy Rosary’s 8.45am Sunday Mass to lead parishioners in hymns. Besides the group’s choral work, Sinead Kado as flautist contributes appropriate solos which elevates the quality of the service. A great contribution to the Mass and to the congregation.


The Kado family choir prepares for the 8.45am Sunday Mass.



A morning tea after Sunday’s 8.45 Mass was a farewell function to mark the  Davila family’s leaving Holy Rosary Parish.

Mike and Anna Davila and their two children, Lydia and Jacob,  joined the Holy Rosary  community seven years ago after relocating from the United States.

Since then the family has been heavily involved in the parish ranging from  Mike serving on committees including  charing the Parish Council to Anna altar serving and their children being involved in the youth group.

The morning tea gave parishioners the opportunity to farewell Mike and Anna and wish them well for the future.

Father Gavin (left) thanks Mike and Anna (right) for their service to the Holy Rosary community.



A successful Eucharistic Mission and Retreat was held in the Parish last weekend and attended by Holy Rosary parishioners as well as others from surrounding Parishes.

Talks and testimonies were presented to give a deeper insight into the mystery of the Holy Mass and to highlight the importance of spending time in the presence of Jesus outside of Mass.

This is called Eucharistic Adoration.

The response was very pleasing with many wanting to participate in a weekly holy hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

The Apostles of Perpetual Adoration team send their thanks to all those who helped. The assistance from Parishioners was overwhelming.

Adoration will continue in Holy Rosary Church every Tuesday from 9 am – 9 pm. All welcome.







Jo Ferguson-Allen

The Sunday 8.45am Mass at Holy Rosary now has live music and vocals each first and third Sunday of the month courtesy of Jo Ferguson-Allen.  Jo had previously brought her music to the Sunday morning Mass last year and has now returned post-COVID-19 to lead the congregation in song.

On other Sundays, Ray Gordon  draws on his extensive CD collection to provide selections  of hymns and sacred music.



The Catholic Women’s League will hold a Quiz afternoon on Sunday 8 November from 2-5pm. Everyone please get yourselves and your friends together to form a table for a fun filled experience. Afternoon tea will be available.  School-aged children are also welcome.

Details Moira McDermott 0429 819 941



Vinnies is collecting toiletries for distribution to the homeless Fremantle.

Items requested include:

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Hand Soap, Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Moisturiser & Hand Cream

  • Sanitary ProductsDeodorant

Your donations can be placed in the collection box located in the Church entry.

Thanks to parishioners for your continuing support.


Invitation – Free Yoga Class

You are invited to a free introduction to yoga class


Monday 14 September at 8.15am


Tuesday 15 September at 6pm

Nedlands Parish Community Hall, 45 Tyrrell St, Nedlands, Cnr Elizabeth St.

Dress – long pants and gym wear top. Bring a mat and join in.

Santeplus Yoga

A community of like-minded people who find health, fitness and wellbeing important  in their lives.

Christine Smith Santeplus Yoga : You are in good hands.

Yoga trained in India (Goa) – Registeredwith the International Yoga Alliance

Registered Nurse (RN) worked in hospitals in Paris and Fremantle; at Perth’s Mount Hospital and Nedlands’ Hollywood Hospital,

Master of Health Professional Education (MHPEd); taught at ECU, Curtin University and UWA

Accredited Personal Life Coach: supporting people going through life transition

Teaching yoga at the Holy Rosary Parish Hall since 2014

It’s Local: Nedlands Parish Community Hall 45 Tyrell St, Nedlands, Cnr Elizabeth St

Everyone welcome. Little yoga experience preferable.

Christine Smith 0423 779 771 W: www.santeplus.life

Santeplus Yoga Notice 3108 20




With pandemic protocols in place this year Vinnies has not conducted its Winter Appeal and will not undertake its Annual Street Appeal.  Instead, we are seeking support for our charitable activities through an appeal at weekend Masses on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September.

As well as supporting statewide activities, the Holy Rosary Vinnies conference has, through your past generous donations, been directly involved with:

  • emergency food assistance to local people seeking assistance

  • provision of food and vouchers to a local homeless person

  • support with food to “Passages” youth group in Perth

  • emergency assistance to country folk accommodated at Crawford House whilst undergoing cancer treatment

  • food supplies to refugees via Fr Greg Donovan

  • vouchers to Red Cross soup patrol

  • cash grants to seven students under the Assist a Student scheme

  • twining grants to sister conferences in India for support of their local communities

  • support for one-off overseas projects in India (a hospital accommodation development and sewing machines to 6 families to enable the establishment of a home businesses)

  • support of local international students in financial difficulty with clothing, food, vouchers and rental assistance

  • Provision of bursaries at St Charles Seminary

Your continuing support through this appeal and through donations of food and via the Church Poor Box enables this work to persist.     Thank You!



Fund Raiser for Shenton Christian YouthCARE Council Chaplaincy

9.30am – 12.30pm Saturday 19 September.

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church cnr. Elizabeth/Tyrell streets Nedlands

The chaplaincy is supported by Holy Rosary Nedlands and 11 other local churches and congregations.

Help support our chaplains working in State schools by coming along  and joining us for MORNING TEA and some great Asian food. And buy from a great selection of homecrafts including plants, preserves, jams, sauces, cookies, all types of craftwork and gifts.

How you can help – Donate items

Besides bringing yourself and friends, you can assist by donating items which can be sold at the fair. 

To do that, contact Holy Rosary rep Catherine Plowman on 0429 307 445.



Ballroom Dancing Classes  

At our Parish Hall

Saturday 29 August 12 noon to 2 pm. And then every Fortnight

Bring a partner and live that old magic again

Dance again or start easy lessons followed by social dancing.

Teacher Stephen Haydon will lead you through simple dances and routines

accompanied by the finest music from across time.

All welcome. Help with a donation.

More information George 0400 768 368



Help Your Parish

Many ways to contribute to Holy Rosary Parish Life

There are many ways in which parishioners can contribute to Holy Rosary’s parish life and all ministries and initiatives are open for you to assist.

The most important attributes are a little time, usually on a monthly basis for meetings, together with the interest for any follow-ups.

In terms of Parish operations, the three most important groups are the the Liturgy Committee, the Parish Pastoral Council and the the Building and Finance Committee.

For the information of parishioners who might wish to serve in these areas, here is a brief description of the role of each of these three groups:

Liturgy Committee

The committee seeks to enrich worship in the Parish by reviewing present practices and by suggesting modifications. Also, it seeks to create an inclusive liturgy which encourages the full participation of all parishioners.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council represents the whole parish and is the Parish Priest’s main advisory body. Its brief is apostolic outreach, the care and wellbeing of Parishioners, providing the means for Christian formation in the Parish and  collaboration with the finance committee.

Building and Finance Committee

This Committee assists the Parish Priest and accountant in financial and asset management, recording and reporting. The Committee maintains the Parish assets, manages the Parish’s finances and ensures that financial and asset management is in line with Diocesan guidelines.

Other Parish Groups

But there are a number of other Holy Rosary groups which always welcome Parishioner involvement and help. The range of interests served is various and the door is always open for new contributors for their important work.

The list of Parish groups always seeking new people to join them includes:


Altar Society

Catholic Women’s League (CWL)

Children’s Liturgy Group

Church Cleaners

“Friends” Monday Morning Cuppa

Hollywood Residential Care Ministry

Morning Tea Ministry

Music Ministry

Prayer Group


Religious Education (RE) Programme

Safeguarding Project

Shenton Christian Council (SCC)

Special Ministers

St. Vincent de Paul

If you are a Parishioner who can help with any of these initiatives, then please register your interest in the first instance with the Parish Office. You can do this by emailing nedlands@perthcatholic.org.au or by phoning 93861870.



 Shenton Christian YouthCARE Council Chaplaincy Fund Raiser – Sat 19 Sept



Guided and encouraged by Christine (RN, Health Educator and Personal Coach) please join us in the warm and safe Community Hall for a rewarding Hatha Yoga practice. The classes are suitable for entry and level one students.

Please ring Christine to enquire or simply turn up on Monday 8:15 am & Tuesday 6pm. Ph: 0423 779 771 –santeplus8@gmail.com



Why not drop by and spend an hour on each or any Tuesday 10am to 12 Noon.

The garden needs you.

George 0400 768 368



Meditation is the first step to take on the inner journey. In meditation we are not thinking about God or talking to God. We are being with God. Contemplative awareness is inbuilt; it is not taught or downloaded into us, it is awakened.

How to Meditate

*Sit down. Sit still with your back straight.

Close your eyes.

*Silently recite a single word mantra. Breathe normally and give your full attention to the word as you say it, silently, gently, faithfully and above all simply. Stay with the same word during the whole meditation from day to day. Let go of all thoughts, images and other words. Don’t fight your distractions but let them go by saying our word faithfully, gently and attentively and returning to it immediately that you realise you have stopped saying it or when your attention is wandering.

John Main

World Community of Christian Meditation

Learn to Meditate in Nedlands.

Belonging to an established local community that is organised to support you is fundamental to navigating the introduction to meditation practice.

We meet every Monday evening 7.30 pm.

Kim Low

Christian Meditation Community


9389 8347


Ballroom Dancing Classes Invitation

At our Parish Hall Saturday 15 August 12 noon to 2 pm.

And then every fortnight                                                                                                     Dance again or start easy lessons followed by social dancing.                      Teacher Stephen Haydon will lead you through simple dances and routines accompanied by the finest music from across time.

All welcome. Help with a donation.

More information George 0400768368


Vinnies – Thanks for Your Contributions

Vinnies has continued to operate at Holy Rosary over the past few months and provided assistance to an increasing number of people caught up in the pandemic and requesting emergency help. Your previous and continuing support has enabled this response to those in our midst facing hardship.

Your donations of non-perishable foods and toiletries, and contributions to the Poor Box, are much appreciated.


Seal of Confession – Submissions to Government Sought

Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Parish,

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe requests a submission to the WA Government from us, as an individual or as from a group/s, to make it clear that the Seal of Confession is fundamentally important to our faith and practice in the Catholic Church, some of you may have already done this.

There are crucial reasons for this, and some are as follows:

  1. The Church Law can only be amended by the Pope;
  2. Seal of Confession encourages a penitent to confess their sins and seek forgiveness;
  3. The identity of the penitent is not always known, especially if they have committed mortal sins;

There are other reasons as well.

If this legislation is allowed to get through, the Archbishop and priests could be excommunicated from the Church if the Seal of Confession were broken, and indeed, imprisoned if they do not reveal the Child Sexual Abuse to the Authorities.

Personally speaking, in 14 years of priesthood, no penitent has revealed this sin to me, nevertheless there is always the possibility.

Archbishop Timothy cannot approve the proposed Legislation because it goes against Church Law, so this puts him in a precarious position.

You can see how vital this situation is, so we need to get as many voices to convince the Government that removing the Seal of Confession is not in the interest of faith and practice in the Catholic Church.

I will be making my own submission which has to be in by the 24th July 2020 but I am also inclined to form a group if you wish, just email me.

Your submission website:



Birthday Bash for Fr Gavin

This was a birthday week for Fr Gavin and a group of parishioners got in early before the actual event with a celebratory morning tea after Mass at Carmel last Saturday morning. Some 30 stoic parishioners ignored the chilly morning for a pre-birthday, birthday celebration. The extensive spread featured hot soup (a winner), spring rolls, samosas, sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee. Thanks to Juliana and her team of helpers for putting on a great spread to make it an excellent occasion.


Start a New Career

Join the Garden Boys at 10am to 12 noon every Tuesday.

Bring skills and gloves, expect encouragement and recognition for your efforts.

No qualifications or references are required.

Call George 0400768368



Meditation Awakens Awareness

Meditation is the first step to take on the inner journey. In meditation we are not thinking about God or talking to God. We are being with God. Contemplative awareness is inbuilt; it is not taught or downloaded into us, it is awakened.

How to Meditate

*Sit down. Sit still with your back straight.                                                     Close your eyes.                                                                                               *Silently recite a single word mantra. Breathe normally and give your full attention to the word as you say it, silently, gently, faithfully and above all simply. Stay with the same word during the whole meditation from day to day. Let go of all thoughts, images and other words. Don’t fight your distractions but let them go by saying our word faithfully, gently and attentively and returning to it immediately that you realise you have stopped saying it or when your attention is wandering.                                                John Main,                                                                                                            World Community of Christian Meditation

Learn to Meditate in Nedlands           

Belonging to an established local community that is organised to support you is fundamental to navigating the introduction to meditation practice. We meet every Monday evening 7.30 pm.        

Kim Low,                                                                                                          Christian Meditation Community                                            jogfg@bigpond.com        08 9389 8347


Parish Groundsman Wanted

Why wait till springtime?

Join the Garden Boys now for a two hour  weekly workout in the lovely parish grounds.

Skilled and unskilled positions available. Don’t miss out.

Call George 0400768368


Feast of Corpus Christi Adoration, Sunday 14 June

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed from 10am-4pm, this Sunday 14 June, in Holy Rosary Church, Nedlands.

Please SMS Juliana 0423864054 or Viv 0418921797 if you would like to choose an hour for adoratio. Knowing who is coming always helps us with the logistics of making sure Jesus is not left unaccompanied.  Alternatively, you are most welcome to simply drop in.

Please follow the COVID-19 requirements of sanitising your hands, writing your name clearly on the schedule, your contact number and the time in and out, and complying with social distancing.

We are very blessed to have the opportunity to further worship Our Lord on this feast day, so dear to our hearts.

11 June 2020


Good Attendance at “New Normal” Sunday Mass 

Parishioners filled three-quarters of the available 80 places at last Sunday’s 8.45am Mass when the “new normal” maximum congregation number of 80 applied.  Social distancing posed no problem with designated seats in pews marked by a paper notice.  The majority of the congregation had notified their intention to attend and were marked off the attendance list in the porch. First and second collections by collectors were replaced by two collection boxes at the rear of the church where parishioners could deposit their usual donations.  Social distancing in the centre aisle  for communion was marked by tape and hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the church were the other main differences to the norm.  So, the transition from lockdown to the “old normal” continues with a full return probably not far away.


Yoga Back At Parish Centre

Nedlands Community Yoga at the Parish Centre
Christine’s yoga classes (vinyasa flow)are resuming  at the Community Hall after the pandemic lockdown.  The class days and times are:
Mondays 8:15 am &
Tuesdays 6pm. 
Christine looks forward to welcoming everyone back. You can contact Christine on mobile at 0423 779 771 or by email  santeplus8@gmail.com  


NSW Govt Buckles on Church Numbers – Now Allows 50 People to Attend Places of Worship and Funerals

The NSW Government has caved in to pressure from Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher and other church leaders and will now allow up to 50 people to attend places of worship and funerals. Religious leaders in the State had criticised the Berejiklian Government for allowing groups of up to 50 to attend pubs and cafes but had limited the numbers attending  churches to 20.

However, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said that members of the congregation would still have to abide by the 4-square-metre rule when attending services.  She said this was particularly important for people with comorbidities aged more than 65 and those aged over 70.

The NSW chief health officer said that communal singing and chanting should not occur because of the high risk of coronavirus transmission. – 29  May 2020


Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop slams NSW unfair treatment of church numbers during pandemic

Calls for equal treatment with cafes and pubs

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher has accused the New South Wales government of double standards by allowing up to 50 people into pubs while limiting church congregations to 10.

He has encouraged Catholics to sign a petition calling on the state government to treat churches equally.

Archbishop Fisher said he was standing up for freedom of worship “when I see so many double standards being applied to people of faith.”

“We aren’t asking for special treatment, we are asking for equal treatment,” he said. – 28 May 2020


Pastoral Letter




















Adoration Has Recommenced

Tuesdays 9am-8pm

 Welcome back!

The church will be open on Tuesdays under supervision.

Adoration will be in the body of the Church and it is paramount that we co-operate according to Covid19 recently revised restrictions.

  • Social Distancing: Maximum of 20 people in the church at any one time, by law.
  • No more than 2 people per row, excluding families living in the same home, who may sit together.
  • Please sit in every third row.
  • Contact details: As required by law for virus tracing, all who enter the church must leave their name and contact details.
  • Feeling ill?: If you have a temperature, cough, runny nose, diarrhoea, or flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the church.
  • Sanitise hands on entry and when leaving.

You don’t have to be a regular Tuesday adorer, and are warmly invited to spend some sacred time in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus said come to me all who are burdened and weary and I will give you rest.

Behold I make all things new;

I have come to heal the broken heartened;

I am the resurrection and the life.

All welcome.

PS: Wear something warm. Consider bringing a knee rug.




Parish Centre Back In Business

Following the recent works to remove carpet in the main hall and refurbish the timber floor – as well as the impact of the Coronavirus ban on gatherings –  the Parish Centre is now back in business.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Applying from 18 May 2020 there is a limit of 20 persons

Maximum Occupancy  at 4 Square  Metres Per person

Room 1. Small Meeting Room   9 persons

Room 2. Large Meeting Room  14  persons

Room 3. Lounge                               6 persons

Room 4. Main Hall                            27 persons

Hall Users – Hand Sanitiser

Groups using the hall are advised to bring their own hand sanitiser for their events to ensure the safety of their members.


Parish Working Bee Saturday 23 May 10am – noon

The Big Jobs

The verge pickup provides the opportunity to remove a mass of green prunings from our grounds.

Priority Jobs

  1. Presbytery Boundary Hedge

Cut back to height of 150 cm measured from the concrete path.

  1. Church Driveway

Remove cuttings from the driveway at the back of the church.

  1. Hall

Tyrell St

Prone trees and remove all cuttings and rubbish

  1. Church Carpark

Remove prunings from garden bed by Elizabeth St.

Everyday Jobs

We will complete as many of these jobs as possible on the day. The remainder will be completed progressively after the Working Bee. Rubbish may be disposed of weekly as required in the council bins.

  1. Sweep and bin debris from the Lilli Pilli trees by the carport
  2. Sweep carport
  3. Lavender beds .Remove deadwood.
  4. Tidy awn edges under the Lilli Pilli on back presbytery lawn
  5. Couch grass invasion on presbytery front garden bed (Thomas St)

Lay black plastic over the bed and cover with mulch.

  1. Hall parking area. Sweep and bin leaves
  2. Replace curtain in the Archive room window
  3. Black Ant treatment to hall courtyard.(Possibly the brown coastal ant )
  4. Termite Inspection.


Bishops Lobby NSW Premier to Ease Worship Restrictions

Eighteen Catholic bishops have written to the NSW Premier proposing a four-stage church re-opening program as cases of COVID-19 abate.

The first stage would be for private prayer and confessions. The second stage envisages Masses held in open spaces such as car parks with the number of attendees limited. Also, there would be no collection plates or hymn books etc passed around nor any handshaking..  Stage three would see these activities moved inside churches but with the stage two constraints retained.  Stage four would be a return to full normality.


Video Meet for Parishioners – Saturdays From 5.30pm

Parishioners can now meet up every Saturday at 5.30pm via Zoom video conferencing until we are out of coronavirus lockdown.  Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you think doesn’t know of it or would like to join in on Saturday.

Meeting Format

1Gathering Hymn / Song  (3 min)
2 Welcome to the parish forum (1 min)
3 Prayer  (volunteer)  (1 min)
4 Weekend’s Gospel reading (volunteer) and personal reflections  (20 min)
5 Closing Prayer (volunteer)  (1 min)
6 Closing Hymn / Song (3 min)
7 Parish information & concerns  (10 min)
Total  40 min

Proposed Schedule

    May 2, 2020 05:30 PM
    May 9, 2020 05:30 PM
    May 16, 2020 05:30 PM
    May 23, 2020 05:30 PM
    May 30, 2020 05:30 PM
    Jun 6, 2020 05:30 PM
    Jun 13, 2020 05:30 PM
    Jun 20, 2020 05:30 PM
    Jun 27, 2020 05:30 PM

Please see below the Zoom link. The Zoom app can be downloaded and installed free on your computer, laptop or mobile phone. Those who are concerned about the safety of Zoom can make a dummy email address and sign up.  Those who would like to come early and have a chat can do so.

Please click this URL or copy and paste it on your browser to start or join:  https://uwa.zoom.us/j/92313742802?pwd=K3E3N0ptZWdESnBMTHBnVWlaTjZBdz09
    Password: 131135

Queries?  Gima Mathew  jm_im@yahoo.com


Save the Date – Saturday 23 May – Working Bee

Your opportunity to contribute to the Parish in a practical form comes your way on Saturday 23 May.  From 10am to noon there will be a Working Bee at the church and presbytery surrounds in readiness for the council verge collection commencing 25 May.

Whether you are in the green-fingered or hack-and-slash category of gardener you are most welcome to attend and contribute.  Shortage of gardening skills is no impediment!  Please bring tools, gloves etc.



22 April 2020

Parish Centre Floor Makeover

This week has seen the carpet taken up from the Parish Centre floor to return to the original jarrah timber floorboards which had been covered for many years. This project was approved by the Finance Committee earlier this year to remove a health and safety concern for the line dancing group which uses the Centre weekly.

The carpet was quickly removed on Monday and then began the real work of sanding  and polishing the floor to exhibit the original rich, deep jarrah tones.

It should now be a line dancer’s dream.

Parish Centre floor sans carpet and on the way to its former timber glory.



Seminary’s Newsletter to Publicise Activities – Subscribe Now

Saint Charles’ Seminary introduces its new publication, The Vine, a monthly newsletter featuring recent events, articles and a discernment column. The newsletter promotes awareness of the seminary and the discernment of vocations across the Archdiocese and Church of Australia. To view online, visit: www.stcharlesseminary.org.au.


Emmanuel Centre Seeks Volunteers

Would you like to help even for a few hours per week? Learning programs for people with different abilities are held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am to 2pm. Volunteers are needed to assist the Learning Programme Coordinator Shannon and people with different abilities to participate. Emmanuel Centre is also looking for a handyperson who can fix things. With the relocation of the workshop shed, the first job is to make the workshop useable. All volunteers welcomed. Further info: Barbara Harris (coordinator) on 9328 8113.


COVID-19 Causes Plenary Council Assembly Postponement

The first assembly scheduled for Adelaide in October has been postponed — with a new timeline to be considered next month.

Plenary Council president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB said in a time of such upheaval, including severe restrictions on travel and group meetings, the postponement was unavoidable.

“Even though it is possible Australia may have moved through the worst of this health crisis by October, our capacity to adequately continue the process of discernment and formation – for everyone in the Church and in particular for the delegates – is severely compromised,” he said.

Archbishop Costelloe said the Church’s focus at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, is ensuring people continue to be cared for pastorally, spiritually and emotionally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At its Plenary Meeting next month, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference will review recommendations on the timing, location and sequencing of the two assemblies.

Plenary Council facilitator Lana Turvey-Collins said work has already begun to consider how the changed timeline provides opportunities to embed the practices of dialogue, listening and communal discernment.


YouthCARE School Chaplains Continue Support Role Despite COVID-19 School Changes

YouthCARE’s school chaplains continue their front-line role of supporting WA school communities. YouthCARE has been working closely with the Department of Education to ensure that its chaplains are still able to offer their support to families and students who are not at schools, through other approved means. They will continue to adapt to the changing scenarios as matters relating to COVID-19 play out in the coming days.

ALL YouthCARE chaplains and Area Chaplains throughout WA have continued to provide their service with the greatest level of commitment.

We are proud of the way our chaplains have gone about their roles in an unassuming and sensitive manner to ensure that anyone who may be feeling vulnerable at this time is given the necessary support or referrals.

Your prayer support for all involved with YouthCARE is appreciated and valued.

Stanley Jeyaraj,  YouthCARE CEO



Statement from Archbishop Timothy Costelloe


Statement from the Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
on revised and temporary changes to the celebration of Weddings and Funerals within the Archdiocese of Perth
in response to the Australian Government’s directives in relation
to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Ref No: 2020.5

Wednesday 25 March 2020


Following a meeting of the National Cabinet on Tuesday 24 March 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Australian Government’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Brendan Murphy, issued updated directives in relation to additional prohibited activities and venues.  These directives can be accessed here: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/update-coronavirus-measures-24-March-2020

The Australian Government’s directives in relation to additional prohibited activities and venues will apply from 11.59pm (local time) 25 March 2020.  The Archdiocese of Perth will continue to adhere to the direction of both Federal and State Governments and respective health authorities in relation to COVID-19.

In addition to the directives I have previously outlined in relation to COVID-19 relevant to the Archdiocese of Perth (available on the dedicated COVID-19 section of the Archdiocesan website: http://perthcatholic.org.au/COVID19.htm) the subsequent directives in relation to the celebration of Weddings and Funerals in the Archdiocese of Perth will come into effect from 11.59pm (local time) 25 March 2020 and will reflect the Australian Government’s updated directives.

In the Archdiocese of Perth the following is to be observed in relation to the celebration of Weddings and Funerals.

•    Weddings 
o    The celebration of each wedding must adhere to the government-issued restriction of no more than five (5) people in attendance.
o    Attendees at weddings are to be restricted to the celebrant (1), the couple (2) and the witnesses (2).
o    The rule of one (1) person per four (4) square metres applies.

•    Funerals
o    The celebration of each funeral must adhere to the government-issued restriction of no more than ten (10) people in attendance.
o    The rule of one (1) person per four (4) square metres applies.

Prayer Resources for Individuals and Families
The Archdiocese of Perth will continue to provide prayer and worship resources for individuals and families to use within their homes.  Web links to resources and live-streamed Masses are available on the home page of the Archdiocesan website: www.perthcatholic.org.au  Additional links and suggestions for prayer resources will be regularly placed on the Archdiocese of Perth website in the COVID-19 section.

Public Health Advice from the Australian Government
Access to daily health alerts can be obtained from the Australian Government’s Department of Health: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov

Public Health Advice from the Western Australian Department of Health
Access to health alerts from the Western Australian Government’s Department of Health can be accessed at: https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/Articles/A_E/Coronavirus

Western Australian Government
Current information on the measures being taken to protect the Western Australian community in order to minimise the potential impacts of COVID-19 in WA can be found at: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/document-collections/coronavirus-covid-19-state-of-emergency-declarations

National Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campaign
The Australian Government’s Department of Health has launched a national campaign to inform all Australians about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The campaign aims to reduce the risk to individuals and families by enabling them to make informed decisions and to take up health recommendations.  The campaign resources can be found at: https://www.health.gov.au/news/launch-of-the-coronavirus-covid-19-campaign

I assure you of my continued prayers and practical support as together we as an Archdiocese seek to continue to witness and proclaim our Christ-centred hope within a global context that is collectively seeking to respond to the uncertainty and reality of COVID-19.
Yours sincerely in Christ,


Most Rev. Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth


Further media enquiries should be directed to:
Mr Brett Mendez, Media Manager, Catholic Archdiocese of Perth
Telephone: 08 9313 2241 Mobile: 0448 791 661
Email: brett.mendez@perthcatholic.org.au




Below are three important messages from the Archbishop of Perth covering various changes necessitated by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The content covers:

  • Temporary Suspension of the Public Celebration of Mass

  • Suspension of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation

  • Accessibility to Churches and Chapels

  • Ministry of Communion to the Sick

  • Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

  • Rationale for the decisions

  • Proposed Review of decisions taken.



Pastoral Letter from
The Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth

[Ref: 2020.4]

24 March 2020


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As each day goes by the extent of the health crisis facing us here in WA, across our country, and around the world, becomes more obvious and more alarming.  We are all affected by this crisis, and many will feel a growing sense of concern in themselves and in their families and friends as the dangers we are facing become more confronting.

It would be easy to give way to panic: we see signs of that panic in the empty shelves of our supermarkets.  But the temptation to panic must not lead to an abandonment of our Christian hope and of our trusting faith in the providence of God.  While so much is changing around us one thing remains the same: God is with us, his mercy and compassion overshadow us, and his call to us to love one another as Jesus has loved us still rings in our hearts.

Even though, in this letter, I must share with you the implications of decisions made by our governments and health authorities, I also want to reassure you that, in these changed circumstances, the Church will continue to be a living sign of God’s fidelity and God’s loving presence.  But the Church will have to do this in new ways: we will have to do this in new ways, for all of us, the community of disciples, are the Church. We may not be able to gather together in our churches, but we can recreate the Church in our homes.  Long before Catholics in Australia were able to build big churches for the celebration of Mass, they gathered together in their families for the rosary around an image of Our Lady.  We may not be able to offer each other the sign of peace at Mass but we can offer each other the gift of our sincere prayer.  We may not be able to organise morning teas for the elderly in our parish halls but we can ensure that those who are lonely and afraid are not left to themselves, even if all we can do is ring them on the phone or leave a casserole on their front doorstep.  As our practical capacity to reach out to others is curtailed our determination to be disciples of Jesus, who gave everything he had and was for us, can lead us to discover new ways to live out our Catholic faith.

Government Directives
The recent decisions by the Prime Minister and the Premiers and Chief Ministers of the Australian States and Territories concerning the closure of “places of public worship” have significant implications for all Australians including, of course, for Catholics.  In Western Australia, the Minister for Emergency Services declared a state of emergency from 12 noon on 16 March 2020 in respect to the pandemic caused by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pursuant to section 56 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA). Our way of life as Australians, and our way of being Catholic, will consequently alter dramatically while the COVID-19 health crisis persists.  While the decisions taken by our leaders are dramatic and challenging, they are designed to ensure that our country is not overtaken by the spread of the virus to such an extent that our health services collapse under the strain and many more people’s lives will be at risk.

As Catholics we share with all other Australians the responsibility of adapting our patterns of living to the new reality we face.  It is at the heart of our faith that everyone is a child of God, deserving of respect and care, and that each of us has a responsibility to live in such a way as to enrich and not diminish the lives of others.  As I said in my most recent Pastoral Letter on this matter (Wednesday 18 March 2020), we are indeed our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper.

Extension of the Temporary Suspension of all Public Masses and Gatherings for Prayer and Worship in the Archdiocese of Perth
I am writing to inform you that all public Masses and other gatherings for prayer and worship are now temporarily suspended throughout the Archdiocese of Perth until further notice.  We have no way of knowing how long this situation will last and I am very conscious of the distress this will cause to many of you.  We all know how important the Mass is for us.  It is, as I said in my last letter, at the heart of our lives as Catholics.  It is our way of gathering as a community of faith to draw strength from each other.  It is our way of listening to the Word of God in faith.  It is our way of offering our lives, our needs, our hopes and our loved ones to God.  It is our way of allowing the Lord to unite us to himself in Holy Communion.  It is our way of renewing our commitment to “go out in peace, glorifying the Lord with our lives”.  To be deprived of the Mass will be a great suffering for us all.  But I believe it is what the Lord is asking of us at this time.

It had been my hope that, even with the suspension of public Masses, we might be able to keep the churches open for private prayer.  Following directives issued by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday 22 March 2020, this option is no longer available.  On Monday 23 March, Christopher Dawson (State Emergency Coordinator and Commissioner of Police) in accordance with Section 71 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) issued directions applicable to the state of Western Australia for the ‘Closure of Certain Places of Business, Worship and Entertainment’.  Under these directions:

‘Every owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of an affected place must close that place to the public for a period commencing at 12 noon on 23 March 2020’.

Under the relevant definitions, ‘a place of worship, other than for the purposes of a wedding or a funeral’ is defined as an ‘affected place’, and is subject to Section 71 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA).

For that reason, and with great sadness, I directed the priests of the Archdiocese of Perth to close all public churches and chapels at 12 noon on Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.  Should the State government of Western Australia make a different decision I will review the total closure of our churches, but for the time being, effective immediately, we will not be able to visit our churches and chapels for private prayer.  I know that many of you will find this very difficult.  I do ask you to be understanding and not to put unfair pressure on your priests.

Many of you will have specific questions about particular matters.  I will try to address some of those questions here.

Baptisms and Confirmations
Unless a child (or other person) is seriously ill, baptisms are to be postponed until this health crisis is over.  In emergency situations priests and deacons will make themselves available for baptism.  In extreme circumstances any person can validly baptise, provided they have the intention to baptise according to the faith of the Church.  If you are worried about this please contact your parish priest for clarification.

Confirmation will not be administered in the Archdiocese of Perth, except in the case of emergencies, until the crisis has passed.

Weddings can still be celebrated in churches but only with “very small groups” which in effect means immediate family.  All other requirements relating to health precautions, including social/physical distancing in the church, must be observed.  The church should be closed once the small group of guests has arrived and should also be closed immediately after the wedding.  It would not be possible for the wedding party to linger outside the church for photographs or socialising.

Funerals can also be conducted in churches but the same rules apply as for weddings: “very small groups”, social/physical distancing, all the other health precautions, and the closure of the church during the funeral and immediately after.  It will not be possible to organise any refreshments in the parish hall or centre after the funeral is concluded.  Funeral Directors and the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board also have regulations relating to the conduct of funerals.  Families will need to consult the Funeral Director about these matters.

The Sacrament or Penance/Reconciliation
Only the First Rite of Penance (individual confession and absolution) can be celebrated, because of the restrictions on numbers.  Priests will do their best to respond to individual requests for the Sacrament, but it is not possible to establish and publicise particular times when the sacrament will be available.  People who identify within themselves the need for confession should contact their parish clergy.  It is also important to remember that in these extraordinary circumstances we are still able to come before God in sorrow and seek his forgiveness, confident that he is “full of mercy and compassion”.  As I said above many things are changing, but God’s compassion, mercy and forgiveness never change.

Anointing of the Sick
While “Anointing Masses” can no longer be celebrated, it is important that the Sacrament of Anointing be available to those seriously ill and in danger of death.  Our priests will do their very best to be available for this important ministry.  They will, of course, be guided by the protocols of the relevant hospitals or aged-care facilities, and will also visit the homes of the sick and dying when asked.  The priests know that they have to take the usual precautions in relation to those who may be contagious.  If they themselves are in a high-risk category or for any other reason are unable to come, they will do their best to help you find another priest who is available.

At the moment Holy Communion can still be taken by the clergy or even by Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the sick, elderly and house-bound if this is explicitly requested by the person or their family.  This advice may change if the government imposes new restrictions.  When conducting such visits all the precautionary measures need to be taken and no-one, clergy or lay person, should undertake this ministry if they are in the high-risk category themselves or are in any way unwell.

Pastoral Care
At this time, when the normal patterns of pastoral ministry are so severely disrupted, it will take some time for us to find new ways of being present to each other and supporting each other in our faith.  People will rightly look to me as the Archbishop and to my brothers in the ordained ministry to continue to support everyone in their faith.  We are meant to be living signs of the presence of the Good Shepherd among his people.  I think it will take us some time, and require pastoral creativity, for us to discover new and valid ways of being at the service of you all.  Be patient with us, but don’t be afraid to offer us suggestions.  It is together that we will discover how to continue to be the faithful people of God that we are called to be.

Our particular concern must be for those who are sick, lonely, isolated and afraid at this time.  We have an enormous resource in the faith-filled and generous people of our parishes.  I hope that we may find ways of making real and concrete our concern for those in need.  All of us can offer spiritual support through our prayer, not just for ourselves and our families and friends but for everyone, and in particular for those in great need.  We may not know how God will respond to our prayer – we do know that he will.  In addition to this, many of us may be in a position to offer various kinds of material support: organising meals and other practical assistance for the housebound and visits, or at least phone calls, to the lonely.  Depending on further government decisions we might be able to make ourselves available to help with household tasks, both inside and outside the house.  If we all do what we can, and are prepared to “think outside the box”, then this crisis might also become an opportunity for us to rediscover what those outside the faith discovered in the early days of the Church: See how these Christians love one another!  I ask, too, that this love and concern be extended to our priests.  In the midst of their desire to be at the service of God’s Church they too are feeling confused and uncertain as they face an unexpected and unknown future.

There is so much more to be said about the experience we are all living through, but this letter is long enough.  I will do my best to keep in touch with you all and will certainly let you know if any of the matters I have dealt with in this letter change or need further clarification.  The government is issuing new directives on a regular basis and often they will impact directly on our Catholic community.  For those who are able to do so I would ask you to keep visiting our archdiocesan website on a regular basis: www.perthcatholic.org.au  The Archdiocese will be offering various suggestions and resources to help you maintain your spiritual focus at a time when the churches are not available to us.

As we did last Sunday we will live-stream Mass from the Archdiocese of Perth each Sunday morning at 11.00am.  We are also exploring the possibilities for streaming other liturgical celebrations as well as short messages from me and others in the archdiocese to provide information and, hopefully, inspiration.  To the extent that it is possible, and following recent instructions from the Holy Father, we will live-stream the Holy Week liturgies in a modified form.  The details of this will be available on the website as soon as they are finalised.

When the disciples of Jesus were overwhelmed by a storm which had overtaken them, Jesus came to them in the midst of the storm, encouraging them not to be afraid because he was with them.  He reached out to Peter as he was sinking and lifted him up (cf. Matthew 14:22-33). The Lord is with us in this present storm which is engulfing us and he is encouraging us, too, not to be afraid.  He has not deserted us . Rather he is calling us to discover him in the midst of this crisis and allow him to lift us up and lead us safely to shore.

The Lord also reminds us that, on the cross, he gave us his mother, Mary, to be our mother.  In Australia we turn to her as the Help of Christians.  May she come to help us now with her prayers for us and with her presence among us.

Yours sincerely in Christ,


Most Rev. Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth



Statement from The Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
on revised and temporary changes to be implemented within the Archdiocese of Perth
in relation to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ref No: 2020.2

Wednesday 18 March 2020


Today, Wednesday 18 March 2020, the Prime Minister has expressly communicated a ‘ban on non-essential gatherings of persons of one hundred or greater in indoor areas’.  The government’s existing ban on non-essential outdoor gatherings of five hundred persons or greater, which came into effect on Monday 16 March 2020, remains in effect.  I commit the Archdiocese of Perth to the support of, and compliance with, both of these government directives and the associated and instructive public health advice.

The Western Australian and Federal Governments continue to issue ongoing public health advice in relation to COVID–19.  The Archdiocese of Perth continues to be guided by this advice through our ongoing commitment to monitoring any threat posed by COVID–19 to Catholic communities across our Archdiocese.

I write to share with you a revised and expanded series of directives which come into effect today, Wednesday 18 March 2020.  These directives are in addition to the previously issued directives to the Archdiocese of Perth of Wednesday 4 March 2020 and Monday 16 March 2020.  The website of the Archdiocese of Perth has a dedicated COVID-19 web page on which all statements from the Archdiocese of Perth can be found.  You can access this information on the Archdiocesan website via the following link: www.perthcatholic.org.au

The following directives apply to the clergy, religious and the lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Perth.  These directives should be appropriately and immediately communicated verbatim within parishes, Catholic Education Western Australia, Archdiocesan ministries, and the broader Catholic community.
•    Temporary Suspension of the Public Celebration of the Mass 
All public Masses at all churches and chapels across the Archdiocese of Perth will be temporarily suspended from receipt of these directives on Wednesday 18 March 2020.  This temporary suspension of public Masses within the Archdiocese of Perth is in place for an initial period of two weeks between Wednesday 18 March 2020 and Wednesday 1 April 2020.  Subsequent revisions and advice will be given prior to Wednesday 1 April 2020 in relation to this temporary suspension.

•    The Sunday Obligation for the faithful does not apply during this time of emergency.

•    ‘Mass on Demand’ (Online) and ‘Mass for You at Home’ (Television)
o    Online: ‘Mass on Demand’, a daily service of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and CathNews can be accessed online at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRq7AjVimr-hcHFJD_HVaQ 

o    Free-to-air Television: ‘Mass for You at Home’ is shown at 6.00am every Sunday morning on Channel 10.

o    The online streaming of the celebration of the Mass from St Mary’s Cathedral (Perth) and other churches within the Archdiocese of Perth is currently being developed and coordinated.

•    The Bishops and Priests of Australia will continue to celebrate Mass in private for all the people entrusted to their care.

•    Accessibility to Churches and Chapels
Parish Priests, Administrators and Rectors, in consultation with their communities of worship and the directives of public health advice, will put in place provisions for churches and chapels to remain open for private prayer, with the possibility of Eucharistic Adoration.

•    Celebration of the Sacraments of the Church
The following temporary directives are to be observed in relation to the celebration of the Sacraments of the Church:
o    Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals will continue until further directives are issued.
•  I direct that each gathering must conform to the government-issued bans for indoor and outdoor public gatherings, and the relevant public health advice in relation to the practices of social distancing.
•  The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has determined that all funerals should be restricted to no more than 50 people at each gathering.  These directives are outlined in a memo from the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board which
has been placed on the Archdiocesan website.
•  A number of funeral homes have provided advice to the Archdiocese of Perth that from Wednesday 18 March 2020 they will be limiting the size of gatherings at funerals to less than one hundred people. I advise you to specifically consult
with relevant funeral homes directly when arranging funerals to ensure that you are aware of, and adhere to, their specific policies.

o    Reconciliation: Priests will continue to provide opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, according to Rite I (individual confession and absolution).

o    The celebration of First Reconciliation (school-aged children and others), First Holy Communion (school-aged children and others) and Confirmation (school-aged children and others) will be temporarily suspended.

• I have today provided a letter to Parish Priests, Principals, Sacramental Coordinators and Catechists advising them of these temporary suspensions.

• A copy of this letter will made available by both Catholic Education Western Australia and on the Archdiocese of Perth website: www.perthcatholic.org.au

•    Prayer Resources for Individuals and Families
The Archdiocese of Perth will be providing a series of prayer and worship resources for individuals and families to use within their homes for the period in which these directives are in effect.  Web links to resources are available on the Archdiocese of Perth’s Centre for Liturgy website: http://liturgy.perthcatholic.org.au

Additional links and suggestions for prayer resources will be regularly placed on the Archdiocese of Perth website in the COVID-19 section: www.perthcatholic.org.au

Ministry of Communion to the Sick, Elderly and Housebound
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) is placing limits on visits to vulnerable groups.  Those who minister communion to the sick, elderly and housebound (Clergy, Acolytes and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion)  are directed to review the AHPPC’s latest updates and recommended measures to assist in protecting vulnerable people from COVID-19.  The advice of the AHPPS can be found here: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-public-gatherings-and-visits-to-vulnerable-groups

Chrism Mass and the Celebration of the Easter Triduum (Thursday 9 April – Sunday 12 April, 2020)
In response to, and in support of the government’s ban of indoor gatherings of one hundred persons or more, the celebration of both the Chrism Mass the Easter Triduum must be examined.  Options for live-streaming the Chrism Mass and Easter Triduum on the internet are being considered and developed.  Subsequent advice and directives will be issued in advance of the celebration of the Chrism Mass and the Easter Triduum.

Pastoral Letter to the Faithful of the Archdiocese of Perth from The Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
On Thursday 19 March I will issue a pastoral letter to the people of the Archdiocese of Perth.  The daily development of public health advice, escalating global responses by civic and religious leaders, as well as the global impact on our sisters and brothers across the world continues to develop.  The formal directives provided by Bishop Sproxton and myself in recent weeks have sought to provide you with relevant and preventative strategies, as well as guidance intended to responsibly safeguard both community health and wellbeing.  These formal directives are not intended as substitutes for the further pastoral care owed to the people of the Archdiocese of Perth.  My forthcoming pastoral letter will seek to more fully respond to the wide spectrum of needs which exist for the people of the Archdiocese of Perth during these challenging times.

Public Health Advice
Additional information and access to daily health alerts can be obtained from the Australian Government’s Department of Health: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov

Launch of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campaign
The Australian Government’s Department of Health has launched a national campaign to inform all Australians about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  A national campaign has been launched to inform all Australians about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The campaign aims to reduce the risk to individuals and families by enabling them to make informed decisions and to take up health recommendations.  The campaign resources can be found at:

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources
The Australian Government’s Department of Health provides a collection of resources for the general public, health professionals and industry regarding COVID-19, including translated resources.  I would ask that you make your respective communities and ministries aware of the existence of these resources which can be found at:

I assure you of my continued prayers and practical support as together we as an Archdiocese seek to continue to witness and proclaim our Christ-centred hope within a global context that is collectively seeking to respond to the uncertainty and reality of COVID-19.

Yours sincerely in Christ,


Most Rev. Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth



Pastoral Letter from
The Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth

[Ref: 2020.3]

19 March 2020


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In the Book of Genesis when Cain, after having killed his brother Abel, is asked by God where his brother is he replies with a question of his own: Am I my brother’s keeper? (Gen 4:9).  For Cain the answer is clear.  He has no responsibility for his brother.  For God the answer is very different.  Cain is absolutely responsible for his brother, and must answer to God for his brother’s welfare.

This ancient biblical story has a powerful message for us as we face the global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  At this time in every aspect of our lives we are faced with a fundamental question:  Do I put myself first or should I act for the good of my brothers and sisters in the reality of my own life’s circumstances?

The decision I have taken, reluctantly and deeply conscious of its gravity, to temporarily suspend all public Masses in the Archdiocese of Perth, is based on my deep conviction that as a Christian community we must act in the best interests of all the members of our society.  The government has directed that, at least as I write this letter, all indoor gatherings of more than 100 people must be cancelled.  When less than 100 people gather, they must practice “social distancing”.  These measures are designed to slow down the transmission of COVID‑19.  While the decision to temporarily suspend all public Masses goes beyond the strict requirements of the government as they presently stand, I have judged that, in order to fully respect the intention of the government in issuing these directives, we as a Catholic community can best express our commitment to the well-being of everyone in our community by taking the action that I have.

I know that this decision will cause great distress to some, and perhaps many, of you.  I want to assure you that I did not make this decision lightly.  The Mass is at the heart of our lives as Catholics.  It is our way of gathering as a community of faith to draw strength from each other.  It is our way of listening to the Word of God in faith.  It is our way of offering our lives, our needs, our hopes and our loved ones to God.  It is our way of allowing the Lord to unite us to himself in Holy Communion.  It is our way of renewing our commitment to “go out in peace, glorifying the Lord with our lives”.  For us to be deprived of the Mass is a great sacrifice and a great suffering.  But the Lord himself calls us to this – because we are our brother’s keeper.  We make this sacrifice now for the well-being of our community because, as Jesus himself tells us,  “by this everyone will know that you are my disciples – that you love one another as I have loved you” (cf. John 13:35).  Jesus sacrificed everything for us – and as his disciples we must be ready to make sacrifices for others in imitation of him.

Even though we cannot gather at the moment to celebrate Mass together we are not deprived of the presence of the Lord.  We know that he is with us, closer to us than we are to ourselves.  We know that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (cf. Hebrews 12:1), who always accompany us on our journey of faith.  Mary, the Mother of God, walks with us in company with the saints who never stop praying with us and for us.  God continues to send his angels to protect us and guide us.  The Church, especially though, not only through its ordained ministers, continues to be the Lord’s chosen instrument through which he remains present among us as our Good Shepherd.

The present decisions I have announced will be reviewed within two weeks and will be confirmed, modified or cancelled at that time.  However, we must prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that we will not be able to celebrate the beautiful liturgies of Holy Week and Easter in the Cathedral and in our parish churches this year.  We have a duty to remain responsive to the advice and directives of our government and our public health officials.  As both Catholics and citizens we wish to be responsible and cooperative members within our society.

The Eucharist is the greatest gift we have.  Our Catholic faith is also very rich in its many other spiritual traditions.  The first Catholics in Australia, deprived of the Mass, gathered around the Blessed Sacrament, left by a priest who was unable to remain in the colony in what is now Sydney.  In the presence of their Eucharistic Lord, the people entrusted themselves to Christ at a time of great uncertainty.  With this in mind I have asked our priests to keep our churches open for private prayer where possible, and to organise times of Eucharistic Adoration.  As long as only small groups gather, and maintain a safe distance from each other, this will be an ongoing possibility for us and a source of strength and comfort for many.

Those first Catholics also turned to Mary as a source of hope and comfort.  The rosary became a central part of their lives, and this prayer could well become once again a treasure for all of us.  Saint John Bosco, the founder of the religious order to which I belong, was fond of saying that if we want to see what miracles are we should entrust ourselves to Mary, Help of Christians.  Under this title Mary is the patroness of Australia.  Let us ask her to pray for our country, and indeed for the whole world, at this time.

There are many other spiritual resources available to us in our Catholic tradition.  Both here in Perth through our Archdiocesan Liturgy Office, and right across Australia, people are working to compile lists of resources which might help us connect more deeply with God, who is with us in this moment of crisis as he was with Jesus in Gethsemane and on Calvary.  I encourage you to regularly visit our Archdiocesan website, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website, and other reputable Catholic websites, where you will find many helpful resources.  You will also find on our Archdiocesan website regular updates on many practical issues related to our response to this crisis, including information on the planned live-streaming of some liturgies on our web page: www.perthcatholic.org.au

Although public Masses are suspended for the time being our priests are still ready and willing to be at your service.  In cases of emergency, especially as regards to the Sacrament of the Sick for those in danger of death, please do not hesitate to contact your local parish.  There you will also be able to enquire about opportunities for the Sacrament of Penance.  And you can be sure that our priests will continue to celebrate Mass in private for all their people.

Because of the decision I have made I wish to make it clear that the normal “Sunday Obligation” to attend Mass on either Saturday evening or Sunday does not apply to anyone at this time, except our priests.  But we are still called to “keep the Sabbath Day holy”.  Just as we are free to determine how we make each Friday of the year a day of penance, so in this time of crisis we are free to decide how we, in our particular situations, will observe the “day of rest and prayer”.

“Do not be afraid”. These words recur over and over again in the pages of both the Old and New Testaments.  They were the words addressed by the Angel Gabriel to Mary when she was told that she was to become the mother of the Messiah and they were the first words addressed by Jesus to his disciples on the evening of his resurrection.  In the midst of the health crisis in which we find ourselves these same words are addressed to us: Do not be afraid. Have courage. I am with you.

We are a people of faith and of hope.  We know the Lord is with us.  Let us draw strength from this faith and support each other when worry or fear threaten to overwhelm us.  Let us allow this temporary deprivation of the Eucharist to sharpen our hunger for Jesus, the Bread of Life.  Let us recognise the presence of Jesus in all the different ways in which he steps into our lives.  And most of all let us keep praying for each other, for those who have died, and for those who are selflessly putting themselves at the service of our community at this challenging time.

Yours sincerely in Christ,


Most Rev. Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth










Holy Rosary 44-Year Parishioners Call Time


Gillian and John Italiano with Fr Gavin at their farewell and  then cutting the cake.

Two of Holy Rosary’s longest-serving parishioners – Gillian and John Italiano – leave the parish this week after 44 years membership of the congregation.

Gillian and John, who came to the parish in 1976, were farewelled at a morning tea in the Parish Centre after the 8.45am Mass on Sunday 8 March.

At the farewell, Fr Gavin paid tribute to the commitment of both to the life of the parish and particularly to their contributions as acolyte and special minister.

In response, John outlined his family’s involvement over the years with all facets of Holy Rosary life and expressed their sadness at  leaving.

Gillian thanked all concerned for their farewell:

John and I would like to thank all those kind people who were responsible for organising the beautiful morning tea, especially Father Gavin and Cecilia and the wonderful Parish community who gathered to say farewell.
After 44 years we are sad at leaving Holy Rosary and the Carmelite sisters but looking forward to settling into our new home and taking many memories with us.
 God bless all.
John and Gillian italiano





Trinity College Scholarships and Bursaries for 2021

Applications Close 14 March.


Shenton Christian YouthCARE Council Fund Raiser

Pre-purchase tickets – Cathy Plowman – 0429 307 445


What is Idiyappam??

If you don’t know, the pic below gives you the clue – it’s food. And if you’d really like to find out more – and even sample it – you need to come along to Sunday Morning Tea on 16 February.

Returning parishioner Robin Leow will be serving up Idiyappam for those attending and if it’s anything like Robin’s dishes which he served up at a recent Sunday Morning Tea, then there’ll be no leftovers.

Be late and you’ll miss out!

And mark down Sunday 15 March, because that’s when Robin will be bringing another culinary delight.

  Idiyappam –  a typical Sri Lankan and South Indian breakfast on a Sunday.

– Winston McNamara  


World Day of Prayer 2020  – Friday 6 March

Holy Rosary World Day of Prayer Representative Betty Ryan

Holy Rosary parishioners are invited to this year’s local World Day of Prayer Service.

World Day of Prayer Services are held annually on the first Friday of March. This year that is Friday 6 March and our local service will be at St. Aidan’s Uniting Church, Cnr Princess and Chester roads, Claremont at 10am

Booklets will be given out at the Service, a collection will be taken up and refreshments will be served at the conclusion.

This year the country of study is Zimbabwe and the theme is “Rise ! Take your
mat and walk .”

Our Holy Rosary World Day of Prayer Representative is Betty Ryan and she can be contacted at  ryanbettyc@gmail.com

– Winston McNamara


Double Farewell

Fr Gavin with Mrs Enid Macoboy and Dr Dolores RSM

Year’s end concluded with a double farewell – to Holy Rosary’s long-serving parish secretary Mrs Enid Macoboy who retired after 40-plus years of service and our Pastoral Associate Sr Dolores RSM. Following a special Saturday morning Mass, Fr Gavin hosted a morning tea to pay tribute to Enid’s many years of dedicated service during which it’s estimated she was parish secretary to 20 parish priests. Fr Gavin also paid tribute to Sr Dolores’ dedicated work over the years she had served at Holy Rosary.

– Winston McNamara  


New Brew at Sunday Morning Tea


Michael and Rebecca Boley.                     Sinead Kado.                                 

There’s been a change at the Sunday morning tea servery in the Parish Centre with long-serving coordinator Rebecca Boley departing with family to Queensland to be replaced by Sinead Kado as leader of the brew team.

Rebecca and husband Michael with their three daughters have re-located to Brisbane where Michael has been transferred in his work as an accountant for a construction company.

Sinead will now be managing the Sunday morning tea at the Parish Centre which attracts a loyal following after the 8.45am Mass. Besides tea and coffee, the popularity of the food is shown in how quickly all eats  – savoury or sweet – disappear from the tables.

– Winston McNamara