We Welcome All into an Enrichment of Faith: a Sacred Space where God’s True Presence is revealed in the Sacraments and in our Community that encompasses Christ’s Love for one another and the needs of our brothers & sisters throughout our World.

About our Parish Priest

Fr Gavin Gomez

Welcome to the Holy Rosary Nedlands Parish Website. We understand the need to provide a safe environment for parishioners to be informed of the parishes programs and events. Thank you for participating and helping the parish grow into a community the has God in its center. If there's anything you would like to tell us, please get in touch through our emails. Have a blessed day!


The occasional Holy Rosary parish publication initiated in 1983 returns in electronic form in keeping with the digital age. It also saves parish funds as it avoids all the printing costs associated with the hardcopy magazine format of yesteryear.
Now, it is in a blog format and you should email your contributions to: beadsnedlands@gmail.com
But while Beads is open to contributions from all, there are some guidelines about content.
The most important of these is to be respectful of others who use this site.

Content Guidelines

  • Material of interest and relevant to Holy Rosary parishioners and the Catholic Church
  • Stories can be historical or current or projected
  • Valedictories
  • Promote parish activities and those of interest to the Catholic community
  • Language which is respectful towards all readers
  • Author needs to be identified
  • NO Language which is offensive, inflammatory or provocative
  • NO Party political material
  • NO Campaigns for social, political and other issue changes, social engineering, industrial relations, etc
  • NO Material which is libellous, condoning illegal activity or contempt of court
  • NO Commercial endorsement or promotion of products, services.