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Hanz Xavier

Safeguarding Officer

For those who don’t know me my name is Hanz and I have been part of the Holy Rosary parish for the past 16 years. As a young boy I have attended Loreto Nedlands to then finally graduate from John XXIII College in 2012. I completed my University studies in Business and today I work as a project coordinator for a construction firm.

In my life growing up in Perth the church has always been a place where I could reflect on my day to day challenges and pray for the things that mattered to me the most. I feel at Nedlands we are so lucky to have such a close-knit community where many people from all walks of life and all ages can come together and practice our faith in a community that cares so much for the wellbeing of one and another and the greater good.

As a child growing up, I have cherished many happy memories as a faithful young parishioner. From being reconciled on this very altar, to taking part in catechist classes and serving for Father as an Acolyte. Like me, and many of those who grew up with me, we hope to continue to see our church as a collective that safeguards and promotes the welfare of children, young and vulnerable individuals.

In April 2014 the Archbishop Timothy Costello initiated the Safeguarding program in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child abuse. Since then with the help of many experts in social services and child protection agencies, the safeguarding program has established many policies and standards to take preventive measures in ensuring that the Perth Catholic Archdiocese plays an integral role in protecting all children and vulnerable individuals.

As a safeguarding officer my role is to facilitate this program for the Holy Rosary Parish and be a source of support and information on all matters of safeguarding children and vulnerable individuals in the parish.

Should you need to contact me please click here, my details will in the Parish Bulletin every week and on the Parish website.

Thank you and God Bless.

Hanz Xavier – Archdioscean Safeguarding Project